8.7 X-tee User Group Estonia

X-tee User Group Estonia

In 2013, the X-tee User Group Estonia was established. It includes developers, administrators, and persons managing business processes who want to be involved in the development of X-tee.

The objectives of the community include:

  • sharing experiences and the best practices of the implementation of X-tee and dataservices;
  • approximating the knowledge level of X-tee members;
  • representing X-Road members in communication with the X-tee center, and
  • sharing information and concerns with other communities.

The X-tee user group has also a mailing list for asking help from other members.

Information about joining the user group, meeting materials and the list the user group members are available at the address: https://www.ria.ee/ee/x-tee-kogukond.html.

X-Road Community

There is also a global X-Road Community, hosted by the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions. For more information visit community.niis.org.

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