8.2 General frameworks and policies

Regulation related to X-Road Version 6 can be found at RIA web page https://www.ria.ee/ee/x-tee-liikmele.html#regulatsioon and it includes the following documents:

  1. Regulation no 105 of the Government of the Republic from 23 September 2016 ‘Data exchange layer for information systems’ https://www.riigiteataja.ee/akt/127092016004, establishing requirements to data exchange layer for information systems, its use and management.
  2. Conditions for trust services of data exchange layer for information systems https://www.ria.ee/public/x_tee/usaldusteenuste_tingimused.pdf, establishing conditions for timestamp service, security server authentication certificate, e-stamp certificate of X-Road member and validation service (OCSP) of the certificate, and what must be followed when providing X-Road trust services.
  3. Conditions for Estonian environment of data exchange layer for information systems https://www.ria.ee/public/x_tee/Eesti_keskkonna_tehnilised_tingimused.pdf, establishing conditions to be followed when using Estonian X-Road.
  4. Requirements to service level https://www.ria.ee/public/x_tee/Teenustaseme_ekspluatatsiooninouded.pdf, establishing requirements to service level (e.g. notification of interruptions and backup) in web service environment in X-Road Version 6.
  5. X-Road protocols https://www.ria.ee/ee/x-tee-teenuste-arendamine.html, describing:

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