7.9 Testing X-Road service in MISP2 application

Before the administrator starts to grant rights to regular users for using X-Road services in MISP2 portal, they should check whether the use of the service through MISP2 is problem-free. In order to ensure that forms have been generated correctly, the administrator can open the generated form for testing and use it for testing the activation of the X-Road service.

To open the user interface of the service:

  • Click on the blue triangular icon beside the name of the service:

Generated user interface of the service opens. Design of the displayed user interface depends on the description of each specific service or WSDL.

  • To activate the service on input form, click the standard button: ‘Submit request’:

Explanation: this operation activates the service and the SOAP request drafted based on the data entered on the input form is sent to the X-Road security server. Data of response received from the security server are displayed to the user in the service response form.

An example of a service response form:

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