7.8 XForms

MISP2 portal uses XForms technology for internal creation and activation of user interfaces of X-Road dataservices. XForms is a new generation form description language standardised by W3C.

XForms is a XML-based standard which enables describing the forms of a service user interface, as well as service inputs/outputs in SOAP format and their interaction logic.

In addition to MISP2 application, XForms technology is used also in eesti.ee portal as a component of request presentation layer (PEPE), where also various X-Road service interfaces have been created based on this technology.

XForms is intended for use in another XML language, usually XHTML. This means that a typical XForms file includes a mix of XHTML and XForms tags.

XForms is structured with MVC (model-view-controller) principle. This means that data and their validation rules are described in a model usually located in <xhtml:head> section, while the display and the entry of data are located between other tags in <xhtml:body> section.

For further studying of XForms technology: short instruction for creating new XForms complex service based on XForms generated in MISP2 application: http://x-road.ee/misp2/docs/est/misp2_kompleksteenuste_koostamine.pdf

Further information about XForms standard is available at the address: https://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/

For the realisation of XForms support, Orbeon XForms Forms Runner component is integrated in MISP2 application. Further information about Orbeon XForms is available at the address: https://doc.orbeon.com/xforms/tutorial/introduction.html

See separate guide: The quick start guide for preparing the XForms complex service

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