7.5 Introduction of MISP2 application

MISP2 – standard X-Road finished component:

  • MISP2 (mini-information system-portal) is a portal intended for authorities which enables using X-Road dataservices open for the authority. Any authority affiliated to X-Road can install the MISP2 portal and it enables the organisation to start quickly using X-Road services without the need to realise relevant functionality in other information systems of the authority.
  • Installation of MISP2:
    • Installation packages and installation manual are available to the public and referred to in the directory of reusable X-Road components (https://github.com/jointxroad/components/blob/master/component_descriptions.md#x-road-portal-misp2)
  • MISP2 generates automatically the user interface of X-Road services, and the input and output forms of services. Thus, MISP2 can be used in cases when dataservices are used via graphic user interface.
  • MISP2 uses the XForms standard for creating the user interface for X-Road dataservices. MISP2 generates interfaces in the XForms format, which can be changed in MISP2 portal with a special XForms editing form and adapted to your needs. However, this operation requires preliminary knowledge of the XForms standard (see also clause 7.6, more information about XForms).
  • MISP2 complex services: XForms technology also enables realising complex services with more complicated logic, which realise a more complex business process, by using internally different X-Road dataservices. This can be done either by combining different generated service interfaces and modifying these as required, or by creating a new XForms service form manually from the beginning.

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