7.4 Testing dataservice with SoapUI tool in X-Road security server

After setting up the dataservice in the X-Road security server and granting the rights, it is possible to test the service through the X-Road security server.

Testing X-Road service through security server with SoapUI:

  1. Change endpoint field in SoapUI request window, entering the value: http://<security_server_IP_address>
  2. Change the header fields of the request in the request input window:
    • Service/xRoadInstance: ee-dev (we operate in X-Road development instance)
    • Service/ memberClass: COM
    • Service/ memberCode: <XRD_MEMBER>
    • Service/ subsystemCode: <DEVTRAINING_XX_A>
    • Service/ serviceCode: <name of dataservice>
    • Service/ serviceVersion: <dataservice version no>
    • protocolVersion: 4.0
    • client /xRoadInstance: ee-dev (we operate in X-Road development instance)
    • client / memberClass: COM
    • client / memberCode: <XRD_MEMBER>
    • client / subsystemCode: <DEVTRAINING_XX_A>
Here, <XRD_MEMBER> is the X-Road member code used for the training prepared before training. <DEVTRAINING_XX_A> and <DEVTRAINING_XX_B> are subsystems of the dataservice provider and user prepared for the training, where XX represents the number of the participant; each participant uses a separate subsystem marked with their code.

3. Activate the request by clicking the green activation button in the upper left corner.

4. Check the request response

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