7.2 Testing dataservice with SoapUI tool

First, test the dataservice with SoapUI directly from the interfacing component

  • Activate SoapUI
  • Create a new SOAP project by selecting in the menu: File -> New SOAP project
  • Enter data:

Initial WSDL: – enter the WSDL address of your dataservice, e.g.: http://localhost:8080/person_register/services/person_registerSOAP?wsdl

  • Select ‘OK’

  • In the ‘Navigator’ view of the project, open the service input window under the created project (Request 1)

The generated request input is displayed on the left, request response after activating the request on the right.

(SoapUI generated a request input; input fields and header fields are filled with any generated text)

  • Activate a request by clicking the green activation button left at the top.
  • Ensure that:
    • SOAP request response is displayed in right part of the window.
    • In the request response, values of X-Road header fields are the same as in the request input.
    • Data of request response are filled with data in Java code.

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