3.11 Validation rules of WSDL description and validator

WSDL used for describing X-Road dataservice must be a correct XML document conforming to additional rules specified in the specification of X-Road message protocol (http://x-road.eu/docs/x-road_message_protocol_v4.0.pdf). Document describing X-Road dataservices must pass successfully XML as well as WSDL validation.

WSDL validator has been created for validating X-Road dataservices (https://github.com/jointxroad/components/blob/master/component_descriptions.md#x-road-wsdl-validator). A plugin validates and returns fed WSDL documents in result of validation. Based on the received feedback, an authority can improve the descriptions of their X-Road dataservices.

Last modified: Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 4:16 PM