Bibliography and references

What is X-Road?

Why to prefer X-Road as a data exchange channel?

Saving resources on X-Road

Distribution of X-Road

Security of X-Road


Considerations at development of X-Road and structure of X-Road

Development of X-Road through versions

Kalja, Ahto; Robal, Tarmo; Vallner, Uuno (2015). New generations of Estonian eGovernment components. PICMET '15 : Proceedings, Management of the Technology Age [August 2–6, 2015, Portland, Oregon, USA]. Ed. Kocaoglu,

Dundar F., et al. Portland, Oregon, USA: PICMET, 625−631.

X-Road statistics

Regulation no 105 of the Government of the Republic from 23 September 2016 ‘Data exchange layer for information systems’

Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions Act

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