1.6. Development of X-Road through versions

Development of X-Road through versions is shown in Table 1.

The table also illustrates the fact that the version of X-Road message protocol needs not to match X-Road version. Each X-Road version supports one or several message protocols. X-Road Version 6 supports only message protocol version 4.0.

Table 1 Development of X-Road through versions

X-Road version

Primary (and supported) version of message protocol

Stage of e-state

Main reasons for new version

Version 1.0



First 40–50 e-services, predecessor of state portal www.eesti.ee, first ID cards

Version 2.0


2.0 (1.0)


Appearance of SOAP protocol

Version 3.0


2.0 (1.0)

400–500 e-services

Various updates: MS Active Directory-based user administration in MISP, etc.

Version 4.0


2.0 (1.0)

Over 40 million requests annually

Focus on security (log encrypting option, etc.), RIHA

Version 5.0


3.1 (3.0, 2.0)

Over 2800 e-services

Over 40 million requests annually

Adoption of new technological developments, change in WSDL style (RPC/EncodedDocument/Literal wrapped), MISP2, new cryptoalgorithms

Version 6.0

(2015- ...)


Cooperation with Finland

Adoption of e-stamp to ensure integrity of messages. The need to get rid of legacy. The need to bring data exchange into conformity with the Digital Signatures Act.

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