1.5. X-Road as backbone of the state

X-Road has made e-state possible, which has simplified the provision of services to citizens and communication of citizens with the state. Citizens are not obliged to provide to the state any data which are already available for the state or to visit authorities to use the services. X-Road enables providing public services more efficiently (with less money and time). Statistical information collected in the central server of X-Road enables assessing which services are the most important for the functioning of e-state, and makes the state more transparent, increasing the trust between citizens and the state.

X-Road makes distributed public information system controllable, providing overview and control over the entire ecosystem:

  • who are the parties and which dataservices they offer;
  • who are mutually related and in which extent data are exchanged.

X-Road ensures universality between different X-Road members and enables saving resources, as there is no need to create various data exchange systems in different areas thanks to X-Road.

X-Road has become the data exchange standard in the Estonian public sector. Most public databases collect and share their data through X-Road. More than thousand authorities have affiliated to X-Road and approximately 1.5 million requests are submitted daily. Statistical data of X-Road requests are available at the address: http://x-road.eu/xtee-stats/.

Last modified: Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 2:59 PM