1.4. Distribution of X-Road

X-Road is a secure mode for the organisation of distributed public information system with decentralised control, which uses public internet for data exchange and ensures the authenticity of members, while providing freedom to the members for administering their data.

On X-Road, communication between members takes place directly and X-Road Center does not interfere with their mutual communication (see Figure 8). Members have freedom to create dataservices and grant relevant access rights, and to use dataservices of other parties based on their own needs and agreements concluded with other parties.

Figure 8 Communication between members of X-Road takes place directly.

Tasks of X-Road Center related to the administration of the ecosystem are following (Figure 9):

  • registration of members and verification of conformity;
  • user support (questions related to the installation of the security server, administration and organisational processes);
  • monitoring the ecosystem;
  • supervision over members;
  • organisation of the provision of trust services.

Figure 9 Role of X-Road Center

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