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Control questions, module 3

3 Versioning X-Road services

3.1 Right answers:

  1. X-Road was developed keeping in mind the functionality, availability, security, and integrity of the services of the public sector. This development took place earlier than service-oriented architecture became commonTRUE
  2. X-Road was developed keeping in mind the training material of developed service-oriented architectureFALSE
  3. X-Road requires a special software development technology, characteristic only to X-RoadFALSE
  4. X-Road tries to use the most standard technologies and standards for creating web servicesTRUE
  5. A pattern directory is available on X-Road, offering ready-made solutions for standard services.TRUE
  6. X-Road requires a unique solution for creating each service and the creation of the service code from scratchFALSE